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How to Go on a Retreat at Home

How to Go On a Retreat at Home

Want to just get away and go on a retreat somewhere? But you can't? 

If you think you might benefit from some down time whilst at home, here’s my top tips on how you can take time to de-stress, unwind, nurture and rejuvenate yourself- without having to leave your front door.

How to Retreat without Leaving Home


 1.  Start by checking your schedule. When could you do this? Once you have identified a possible time,  discuss the idea with anyone you live with and make any necessary arrangements.

2. Ahead of time, make a plan for what you are going to eat, drink, what preparation your home may need and how you might fill your time: your ability to ‘switch off’ quickly will depend upon this.

3. Before you begin your home retreat, make sure you have told your friends, family and loved ones that you’ll be unavailable during this time. This will let people what (or not!) to expect from you and prevent awkward conversations). If you have been down or grumpy, chances are those who really care and love you will whole heartedly support you as you pay into yourself and so return to good form.

4. Before your time begins, execute your plan: shop, prepare you space, completes chores BEFORE your time begins.

5. When the day arrives, switch the phone and computer off and Enjoy! 

Points to remember:

~ Unwinding requires time: don’t expect yourself to feel relaxed or blissed out straight away.

~ Include relaxation techniques and meditation in your plans. This will help you de-stress, unwind and then rejuvenate. If you do not have a current practice, investigate programs you can sign up to, cd’s or downloads you can listen to or books you can read- prior to starting.

~ Be strict about what you do and do not do in your time. This is NOT the opportunity to catch up on chores that you have been putting off!

~ If, due to your living circumstance, it’s impossible for you to switch off at home, consider pet or house sitting for friends or family.

~ If you’re schedule is really busy, don’t be afraid of scheduling three months in advance. Just make sure you keep this time scared and don’t replace your precious time unless absolutely necessary.

~Try not to wait until you are close to collapse before you listen to the needs of your body and mind. You matter, and the more your actions affirm this, the stronger, more cohesive and healthy your energy field will be.

Enjoy your time and feel well again!

Zoe x

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