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How to Feel More Beautiful

How to Feel More Beautiful

Whilst most of us don’t look like supermodels, every woman wants to feel beautiful. After all beautiful women sell everything for good reason. Beauty = perceived greater value. Why? Because beauty FEELS good. When we feel beautiful we feel lighter, brighter and lifted regardless of what we wear. Feeling beautiful also means we’re more likely to notice the beauty in others, our home, our friends and family and the community we live in. It doesn’t just feel good, it positively connects us to the world. 

Neuroscience shows that our brains and our thinking are not fixed, even in old age. That means we can create new, healthier habits and change how we think about ourselves!

What You Can Do to Feel More Beautiful

1. Make the mirror your friend, not your foe

Do you dodge the mirror or automatically see your own imperfections? Challenge yourself to look for what is lovely. Yes, the wrinkles, dark circles or spots may be there, but so is the light in your eye and an easy smile. Repeat this every time you look in the mirror and eventually the mirror can be your friend.

2. Cultivate beautiful self-talk

Self-talk forms our inner reality. If you tell yourself you are ugly, too old or too fat, eventually you are going to believe it. Anorexia is an extreme example of this. Instead interrupt any inner ugly talk with a firm, “Stop. I am beautiful - inside and out.”

3. Appreciate beauty

Living where we do, we are incredibly fortunate. Take time to actively seek out what is beautiful in the environment, your home or work. Poets and artists know there is ALWAYS something beautiful to see, touch, taste or smell if you look for it. It can be as simple as a sunbeam.

4. Share beauty

Just like food and flowers, feeling beautiful can also be cultivated through sharing. When you spend time with others, point out what is beautiful in them, their world or the place where you are meeting. You’ll not only train yourself to see and acknowledge beauty, you’ll also give your friend or loved one a little pick me up.

5. Invest in inner beauty before outer beauty

Creams can be lovely, so too a great haircut and everyone wants to look good in their clothes. However, make sure you invest in your inner beauty at least as much as exterior beautifying products, services and clothes. Without that inner investment, exterior beautifying efforts will at best, deliver short lived feel good. At worst, simply never be enough to make you feel good about yourself. Cultivating your ability to perceive and appreciate beauty will, however, payout extra feel good to whatever investments you do choose to make.

Feeling beautiful is an inside job that’s capable of connecting you to the greater world. Let’s work on your inner world and start truly valuing you by cultivating feeling beautiful. You, your family and friends, the community and your quality of life will thank you for it.

*This article originally appeared in June 18 issue of Peninsula Living.

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