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How to Be More Productive

How to Be More Productive

Sometimes life feels like a never-ending to do list. If only we could get more done, be productive, then we could feel good, right?

If you want to get more done, here are 5 ways you can get more done and be more productive.

1. Feel good first
Most of us want to feel good after we’ve achieved. However, productivity experts know that feeling good helps you achieve! Working on anything is easier when your energy is high and you feel good. Before you begin any task, what could help you feel better? More feel good means more enthusiasm. More enthusiasm means more energy to get things done.

2. Keep your energy high
Ask yourself how you can keep your energy high or how can you raise it. This may mean sleeping more, exercising more, taking regular breaks (yes, more breaks = more productivity!), eating to ensure stable blood sugar that can fuel you through your day (quality low GI food that avoid sugary highs and lows), having more fun whilst doing and maintaining a positive mind-set throughout. Think more, “Yes I can” whilst listening to your favourite songs, than, “I can’t be bothered”.

3. Keep your motivation high
Remember why you are doing what you are doing or about to do. Understanding your ‘why’ keeps you focused on what’s important. Staying focused on the meaning of the work, rather than the details of what you do, keeps your focus and motivation up, allowing you to better get through what you need to do.

4. Make a list of what you are busy with
Once you have a list of what you spend your time doing, ask yourself if it is important and if it’s urgent. If it is unimportant and non-urgent, don’t do it. If it’s important but non-urgent, schedule a date in the future to do it. If something is important and urgent, prioritise it. If something is unimportant but urgent, choose to do it AFTER you have finished what is important and urgent or ask someone else to do it for you. This works!

5. Plan or outline what you need to do before you start
When you understand what you need to achieve, in which order, in what time and by which way, it creates a mental train line in the mind that allows you to mentally power along when the time comes to do. It is also means you are more likely to have enough time to get your things done. Plan to do one things at a time. Multi-tasking is a productivity myth. Aim to eliminate it. Do one thing at a time with minimised distractions and your productivity will increase.

Make a habit to separate planning time from doing time and your productivity will soar.

Getting more done is as much about feeling good as it is the job at hand. Productivity gets more done. Feeling a job well done increases productivity AND brings inner contentment, satisfaction and accomplishment. Now that feels good. Let’s get to it!

*This article originally appeared in the March 18 issue of Peninsula Living and North Shore Living.

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