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Why It's Good to Be More You

Why it's Good to Be More You

You would think that being yourself would be the easiest thing in the world: after all it’s physically impossible to be anyone else. However do you feel like you can be yourself? Anytime? Sometime? Most of the time? Always?

Life never waits- the earth continues to move round the sun and day turns into night. Flowers bud, blossom, bloom and fade.  

‘Life’ is always expressing itself in every moment, at it’s best and at it’s worst, moving in and out of differing phases.

Why Its Good to Be Yourself

We are part of ‘life’ and therefore we are designed to flow with life, moving in and out of phases ourselves. There’s an effortless ease to it, a grace.

But only if you are able to be yourself, at all times. Even being a version of yourself takes you out of the flow of life. The effortlessness goes and instead you find yourself in a day, a week, a month, a year of feeling buffeted from one event in your life into the next as if life was a dodgem car or roller coaster ride at the fairground.

If you would like life to be easier, more fluid, more graceful, try being more of yourself. Being yourself creates miracles in your life: it reconnects you to the force that creates stars, plants and flowers of every colour and variety and the feeling of true love.

How to Be Yourself

  • Practically start by allowing yourself to explore aspects of yourself that you hide.
  • Try something you have secretly wanted to try for years.
  • Start becoming more honest with those around you.
  • Start taking the time to regularly ask yourself for your truth on a situation, event or feeling and listen.
  • Get professional help and support if you need it.

In short: Be yourself. The universe has conspired to make you magnificently you. Flow with that, and allow the magic and grace of worlds flow with you.

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