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How to Feel Well with Gratitude

Feel Well with Gratitude

Clients often ask me why I want them to to write about what they are feeling grateful for when they are feeling miserable. I understand- that can seem mean!  

Why You Can Feel Well with Gratitude

Gratitude is alchemic: it is the wings that can lift you from darkness; its a ladder out of the pit; it helps you the discovery the rainbow after dark clouds. Gratitude is indeed poetic and also extremely powerful. 
Here are some examples:
  • “Thank you for the life of my sister and what she did give me”

Deep grief becomes a celebration of life and love after the dreadful loss of a beloved sister.

  • “Thank you! I’m awake and I survived surgery!”

Waking from a second surgery becomes a celebration of life and possibility.

  • “Thank you for my ability to begin again, everyday”

A new day brings new opportunity after feeling helpless and hopeless for years on end.

 Gratitude is alchemy and there’s a good reason for this. Gratitude works because it harnesses the power of:
  1. Focus
  2. Will
  3. Perseverance
  4. Grace
This develops a state of inner fortitude and slowly reawakens your innate ability to trust yourself and the world around you. It also trains your mind and can help you find silver linings after storms.

How Do You Practice Gratitude?

  1. Capture 5 things you are grateful for everyday for 1 month. Decide whether you want to write them in a journal or record them on a device. Include why you are grateful for it.
  2. Every night before bed, write down/record 5 things you were grateful for during your day.
  3. Be specific: e.g. the cup of tea a co-worker offered to make you and not a generality such as fact that you love your family.
  4. Nothing is too small and nothing is too big: e.g. a cup of tea, a warm breeze, the good mood of your boss, what your Mother did that expressed her love for you today.
  5. Review how you feel after 1 month- better? Most people need to do this practice for significant periods of time
Establishing the practice is simple. It takes time and consistency to get results. And it’s worth it!

Love Zoe x

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