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Fancy a Giggle?

Fancy a Giggle?

I’m a great believer in having the ability to laugh. Laughing releases tense and nervous energy from the body, thus allowing you to restore to balance and once again feel good.

I was in a group and somebody said that they wish they could have it in a bottle; her friend said they’ve done that and called it champagne- it’s just unfortunate it is only healthy to drink it in moderation…

However it always possible safely to partake in a giggle (or ten).

How to Giggle

First of all focus your energy: you do this by deciding that you would like, or in fact, need a good giggle. Then you look for it.

Once you have made the decision to giggle, life gives amazing opportunities to laugh and lose your seriousness.

Giggle juice is freely available and can be consumed in large quantities, should you wish. Instead of working towards a hangover, the more you drink the giggle stuff the more you will feel better, lighter and be able to think straighter in the morning.

Life is great when your spirits are lifted but you don’t need to wait for life to give you something to laugh about.

Simply deciding you’re going to drink giggle juice means, when you look for it, you will find it.

Sometimes in the most surprising and mundane of places.

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