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Faith Your Way

Faith Your Way

I am a person of great faith. My spiritual faith is resolute, faith in myself is strong, and for me the force that creates stars, creates cells that work to restore health and wellbeing and affirm life right up until the moment we pass.

As a healer this is what I know, have witnessed and experienced. I was faithless-as a teenager and young adult and depressed.

From personal and professional experience, I truly know that life is far easier with faith than without it.

Someone I love is seriously ill and facing an upwards struggle with her health.

Unlike me, she has no faith in God, any form of religion, spirituality or other form of benevolent power in the Universe.

The next stages of her life include a lot of medicine and a number of doctors. To her the medicine might as well be poison and she’s never trusted doctors.

She also has a life long terror of dying. She does believe in some things: statistics, logic, money, family, good times and up until now this has worked- she’s thrived and never experienced ill health.

Right now numbers and statistics look bad, there are no logical reasons to answer ‘why’ and certainly no good times on the horizon.

Family are there and she’s sincerely appreciative, but she knows they can’t take this away no matter how much they love her.

Have you ever tried to talk to someone who doesn’t have the faith that you do? It can be hard. It’s important to remember that faith can’t be given. Comfort and understanding for another person’s worldview can. Faith is something that each of us must find for ourselves.

No one person or organisation gave me my faith. It’s something I’ve forged for myself and mostly through hard times. I cannot give you my faith. I can suggest that you cultivate whatever you do have. Life is MUCH easier with it. I’ve walked with many of you as you have found your faith in the midst or aftermath of disaster, as you’ve searched for deeper understanding, explored series of curios life incidents, unexpected movement within yourself, changes in your beliefs about the Universe, Angels or your own concept of God.

Faith Must Be Your Way

Faith must be individual to you. Regardless of what faith you have, never be frightened to have it tested. It’s only when it’s tested that you will uncover its true depths and the jewels within.

As it gets tested, the shape or form of your faith may change; you may ask questions; you may seek other paths; regardless, let your faith evolve.

The deeper your faith runs, the more meaningful it becomes to you.

Eventually you understand that, just like the flower, you don’t need to wilt before the drought begins.

You can bloom regardless. Within you is the understanding that the sun will always burst through the dark night sky. Whatever befalls you, the world will continue to turn, birds will continue to sing and life will go on.

When your faith runs deep, no matter what is happening to you and yours, neither the darkness of the sky nor the blinding light of the sun can daunt you.


Love Zoe X

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