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How I Learned to Have Faith in Myself

Faith in Myself

In general I have no problem having faith and believing that everyone is capable of achieving great things. I know people can find the necessary support and encouragement along the way to help them: sometimes that’s me!

However when it comes to myself, sometimes the support and encouragement that I easily give to others is lost on me; sometimes it feels like the faith that I need to move myself forward just isn’t always there.

Now most of the time I know exactly what I need to do and I know I simply need to trust and take action.

However without faith in myself, it’s not always easy!

I’ve discovered that the power of my intention is always a good barometer as to whether I’m going to bite the bullet, feel the fear and do it anyway, or drag it all out giving myself a lot of pain in the process.

Lately I’ve had many opportunities that can easily move my personal growth forward and give me more self-belief and faith in myself.  Yet I haven’t always chosen to do it.

We are weird and complicated beings with heads full of thoughts and fears and a heart full of hopes and desires- so why do we find it so hard to choose what is right for us? Do you recognize this in yourself?

I know I want to live my life in peace and harmony- probably like everyone of you. I’m working on having faith and belief in myself, for no other reason than I know I genuinely love myself and I now know I deserve it!

Love Shirley X

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