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Don’t Want To See Your Life Coach?

life coaching Jul 08, 2021

Sometimes You Don't Want to See Your Life Coach...

There’s a simple fact about being a human being: sometimes you let yourself down.

We all do it and some of you may feel this way right now. What happens next, however, determines the speed at which you feel better and more balanced again.

If you have let yourself down, what do you do? Do you seek help or do you deliberately shy from help for fear of feeling even worse?

Too often we see some of you reschedule or cancel your appointment, because you haven’t done what you said you would, feel embarrassed, disappointed, feel you’re wasting our time or letting us down.

We’re human too. We let ourselves down from time to time. We don’t judge you and each of us has a practice of non-judgment and self-forgiveness when we let ourselves down too.

Sometimes some of you are brave enough to verbalise your concerns- how can you listen to me time and time again and not get fed up with me? The answer is clear and simple for each of us- it’s easy, we understand and we know you can feel better. We will go the distance for as long as you will, as we know what’s happens next.

What You Should Do When You Don't Want to See Your Coach

We would like to give you one top tip for working with your therapist, physician or coach: when you are most resistant to going to your appointment, GO.

Refuse the urge to disappear, reschedule or cancel. Instead, take your disappointment along with your vulnerability and ask for help.

We’re all human and we know what’s its like to trip and fall.

We’re here to help you get on your feet, feel better and more harmonious again.

Zoe X

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