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Why You Should Follow the Signposts

Follow the Signposts

I used to have severe nerve pain in my left shoulder and arm. It was at a time when I was unhappy in the work I was doing and my injury was the last straw.

A job came up at “Your GP” (formerly Medicalternative) that I was drawn to. I had a good feeling about it and even though my arm was really sore I went for interview ignoring my physical discomfort with the aid of painkillers.

I could have let my symptoms get me down accepting it as my lot, but I saw it as signpost to get me out of a situation I wasn’t happy with, which consequently got me closer to where I am now. And what a signpost it was!

What Happens if You Don't Follow the Signposts

If I had let the pain stop or cloud me, I wouldn't be here writing this for you. 

I often think that is I hadn't followed the signposts I wouldn't have woken up. Instead I'd still be asleep, on antidepressants and wondering, "Is this it?"

But I Did Follow the Signposts

I'm here. Hopefully encouraging you to follow the signposts as they manifest in your life. ask yourself, 

What signposts are you being shown? 

Sometimes life has a way of moving you forward when you’re too slow in doing it for yourself.

Take notice of every sign you’re given. Act as and when you can. You too could wake right up. And, boy, you'll love it when you do! 

Shirley x

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