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Work with Zoe Alexander

Zoe Alexander

Zoe has been helping people heal, transform and create authentic, successful, meaningful lives and businesses for 19 years.

Sessions with Zoe are currently online only (time zone permitting). Zoe works to help you discover your own point of brilliance and help you shine. Choose from the range of consults offered below, or further explore your needs during your consult where Zoe can tune in and help you with what you need most, right now. 

When great people reconnect, they feel light, burn bright and realise their potential.


Spiritual Life Coaching with Zoe

Are you ready to shine?

This type of coaching with Zoe is for you when you know there’s something deep inside waiting to be discovered and the time to start is Now.

Perhaps you:

  • Know there's something inside; something that wants to burst into life that will make sense of the past and open up your future. You can feel it- you just don't know exactly what it is yet...
  • Know what you want to do; you're excited, daunted and unsure how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • You're already where you want to be but there's something missing: some part of you waiting to be unlocked and you're not sure what or where it is or how to unlock it.

Zoe has been helping people heal, transform and create authentic, successful, meaningful lives for 15 years.

Sessions with Zoe are in person, over the phone or on Skype (time zone permitting). Zoe works to help you discover your own point of brilliance and help you shine. 


“I first met Zoe four years ago, when seeking help with disconnectedness in my life. Since then I’ve included Zoe as part of my inner counsel, and the role that she plays is absolutely invaluable to me both personally and professionally. Zoe brings balance and helps me to retain a centred and spiritual approach. I feel that as a direct result, I have become a much more effective and successful individual. I would recommend Zoe to anyone interested in finding the best in themselves and harnessing that to achieve great things.” 

John, 49, Australia
"I want to say a huge thank you to you for getting me to this point. I look back to our first meeting in February and think 'WOW'! How things have changed since then. You have played such an integral part in guiding me through the process of change and helping me to achieve my goals. I am forever in awe of your insight, wisdom and mastery and thank you so very much." 

Claire, 48, Australia
"Thank you heaven I called Zoe! One of the best moves I've ever made. She has been integral in helping me progress from the life I had to the life I want. I was previously unhappy, frustrated and unfulfilled on all counts. Now life couldn't be better. It's simply amazing. It didn't take long; it didn't take drugs or gimmicks! Just direction, honesty and belief. Zoe - thank you isn't a big enough word”. 

Rowena, 35, USA

You are unique. Holistic life coaching helps you find your unique balance of being successul in your job or business, your relationships, your family and your life whilst maintaining health and wellbeing, reaching for your hopes and dreams and learning to truly feel like you are being yourself. 

People regularly seek me out when they're looking to change their life, or an element in their life and they're not quite sure how. They want help and support to find strategies to improve their health, heal, boost their wellness, get over anxiety, depression, or other health related challenges. Sometimes people want help to tackle relationship difficulties, learn how to successfuly engage in difficult conversations which include learning how to ask for help, love and support from their partner. Sometimes people come because they don't know what's wrong with them; they're experiencing a sense of disconnection from self and their life, feel inadequate or lost and struggle with 'why' as nothing is 'wrong' in their life. Other times people just want to explore what makes them tick then find strategies and set life and career goals in order to create a meaningful, successful life for themself. 

Regardless, my work is to help you explore what it is you want and find ways to help you achieve it: holistically. 

I take a holistic approach because I know that no part of your life can ever truly be separated from another: for example, there's no point setting up a business only to overwork, be unhappy and sacrifice you health.

Over the course of our time together, I also teach you about energy and how to manage your personal energy level. This is fundamental to allow you to create a lifelong loving and supportive relationship with yourself and is something you can utilise land monitor long after our time of working together is over.

When you are ready to build your self-awareness, explore who you are, what genuinely feels good and move forward in life with greater levels of peace, meaningful success and self-awareness, contact me.

Sessions are conducted on Skype or over the phone, allowing me to help you wherever you are in the world (time zone permitted).


"Zoe has been my mentor for a few years now and I have to admit, I am really glad I've met her. Sometimes she pushes me forward, and yet leaves me enough space so that I do the walking at my own pace, stretching my boundaries outside of my comfort zone. I have grown so much and I know that all the changes have been more bearable because of her support and understanding. Sometimes more profound shifts happen in my life and I feel like she is the only one that I know, who can understand what I'm going through. I am so grateful that she is part of my life and I only hope that we can continue this journey together."

Violetta, 47, Canada

“Zoe THANK YOU! My life is better than I ever thought it could be. I’m truly grateful for the work and inspiration you have given. I'm so much healthier and happier and happier and I now feel blessed.”

Barbara, 38, Australia

"My friend overseas recommended you. I was suffering from depression, my business was stagnant, I felt vaguely unwell although nothing was wrong and I was questioning my relationship. It was all overwhelming. Over the course of working with you for a year I can honestly say I've not felt this well in years! I'm happy again and business is better than it has been in years. Thank you Zoe!"

Thomas, 36, Australia

You: at the centre of your world, exploring who you are, what it is you truly want and the very best ways to get it. But doing so differently: by engaging with your own in build energetic guidance system and learning to harness it’s power.

For 14 years, I’ve been helping people from all walks of life, all over the world, heal, discover their own energetic harmony and spiritual nature. Together, we can work through whatever you bring and help deepen your sense of connection to self and the world around you and work with the unique skills, talents and disposition you bring.

How does psycho-energetic coaching work? 

My ability to ‘read’ your energy field gives us an opportunity to work on a deeper level than other forms of coaching or methodologies allow. As we work towards getting you the help and guidance your seeking, we’ll simultaneously explore how your energy system communicates with you and how you can better learn to speak it’s language. I’ll offer you tried and tested tools to help you and together we’ll take a holistic approach and work to balance all aspects of you.

Sessions with me are usually carried out on Skype or over the phone, allowing me to help you wherever you are in the world (time zone permitting!).

If you’re ready to connect with yourself and go deeper than before, please contact me.


"Zoe- wow! Thank you."

David, 49, Australia

"I don't know where I'd be without your guidance. I am SO grateful. You have helped me find out more about myself than I though was possible. Me (and my new babies) thank you."

Jacqui, 33, UK

"Thank you SOO much. I'm so happy about this support, and relieved too - there's hope for me at last! :-) Your work is amazing!"

Sophie, 43, UK

"I'm happier. I'm healthier and I want to say thanks for kicking the proverbial butt. You rock..."

Stan, 48, US

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When great people reconnect, they live light, burn bright and change this world


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