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Work with Zoe Alexander

Zoe Alexander

Great people can feel discouraged and disconnected. Working with Zoe helps you reconnect to the greatness within so that you can feel light and burn bright.

For 20 years Zoe has helped people discover their own point of brilliance and shine.

Working with Zoe is simple.

1. Choose from the range of consults offered below (or further explore your needs during your consult)

2. Book your appointment

3. Breathe- you are on your way to feeling lighter, brighter and fulfilling your potential


How Zoe Can Help


Are you ready to shine?

Do you:

  • Know there's something inside; something that wants to burst into life and you just don't know exactly what it is yet...
  • Sense that some part of you is waiting to be unlocked and you don’t know-how
  • Know what you want to do, you’re excited and daunted and have no idea of how to get where you want to go
  • You got there. You should be happy. But jeez- something is missing

Then Transformational Life Coaching with Zoe can help.

Zoe has helped people connect to their potential in business, at work, in health, relationships and create authentic, meaningful lives for 20 years.

Easily book your appointments with Zoe online, in person or over the phone.  If you’re not sure whether Zoe can help you, take advantage of your free 15-minute Discovery Call.

Don’t let life pass you by. Don’t settle when you know you want more. Your life is happening now. Discover your own point of brilliance let's get you rising to meet it.

Book your appointment today.   



"Working with you has been an eye-opener. It’s been good. I've been able to look within and act on what’s there. I've listened to why I’m feeling like that and I’m no longer just plodding along and hoping things will change and I’ll be happy. I’m making myself happy."  

Stephanie, 36, UK

"You cannot imagine how much it means to have you in my life as a coach – without you, I would for sure not be the person I am today.

THANKS so much for all your help and guidance. You ROCK!!!!! J"

Barbara, 44, Australia

"My friend overseas recommended you. I was suffering from depression, my business was stagnant, I felt vaguely unwell although nothing was wrong and I was questioning my relationship. It was all overwhelming. Over the course of working with you for a year I can honestly say I've not felt this well in years! I'm happy again and business is better than it has been in years. Thank you, Zoe!"

Thomas, 36, Australia

Are you a spiritual person, ready to work with the power of the universe to create a meaningful, deeply connected life?

Then Spiritual Life Coaching with Zoe is for you.

For over 20 years Zoe has helped people reconnect, work with their talents, and spiritual beliefs, explore the depths of their being and awaken to the greatest possibilities in life.

Don’t feel down and disconnected, letting life pass you by. Take this opportunity. Your life is a gift and you’re here for a purpose.

Reconnect to your deeper meaning today.

Book now.


“I first met Zoe four years ago, when seeking help with disconnectedness in my life. Since then I’ve included Zoe as part of my inner counsel, and the role that she plays is absolutely invaluable to me both personally and professionally. Zoe brings balance and helps me to retain a centred and spiritual approach. I feel that as a direct result, I have become a much more effective and successful individual. I would recommend Zoe to anyone interested in finding the best in themselves and harnessing that to achieve great things.” 

John, 53, Australia

"I want to say a huge thank you to you for getting me to this point. I look back to our first meeting in February and think 'WOW'! How things have changed since then. You have played such an integral part in guiding me through the process of change and helping me to achieve my goals. I am forever in awe of your insight, wisdom and mastery and thank you so very much." 

Claire, 48, Australia

 "I have woken up today feeling like a completely different person from yesterday morning. What you do for people like me is nothing short of incredible, and I am so very very grateful. Xxx"

Lauren, 39, Australia

Want to Master your Mind?

If you're sick of your own inner thoughts, tired of the inner critic within, feel like your drowning in negativity and can't break out of it, then it's time to clean up your mind.

For over 20 years, Zoe has helped people just like you learn how to harness the transformative power of self-talk. Using mindfulness, meditation, awareness amongst other mind training practices, you can improve your inner game and transform the way you look at life.

Don't stay stuck in the same broken record, tired of going nowhere.

You can think more clearly. You can recapture positivity. You can have a more beautiful mind.

Book in with Zoe now and give yourself the clarity and positivity you truly deserve. 


Are you feeling stuck? Ready to let go of old energies, get clear and get connected?

Then Energetic Healing with Zoe is for you. 

As a skilled healer, Zoe has helped people clear, flow, break down patterns and remove blockages from their energy field for 20 years.

Don't stay stuck. Instead, let's get your energy field vibrant and free-flowing so you can feel light and burn bright.

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"Thank you SOO much. I'm so happy about this support, and relieved too - there's hope for me at last! :-) Your work is amazing!"

Sophie, 43, Australia

"I feel clearer now than I ever have. thank you for helping me let go off the old baggage. I feel lighter and like I'm capable of anything." 

Tom, 29, Australia

"Thank God I've found you. I worked with a healer and the past and knew I needed it. You are excellent and I truly appreciate your time and gifts." 

Natasha, 36, Australia

Are you feeling alone, uncertain, perhaps unsupported and in need of a little comfort?

Then Spiritual Guidance Readings with Zoe is for you.

Zoe has been working with Spirit for 20 years and is honoured to bring you messages, love, support and insight from your angels and guides.

Don’t go it alone. Instead connect, communicate and feel lighter and brighter with the beings who love, accept and understand you just the way you are.

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"Thank you- what a curious and incredible combination of grounded, esoteric, visionary, practical and insightful Goddess! Since speaking with you, I feel a release of fear, doubt, guilt. I also feel immense relief, it’s ok to be ALL of me. That’s an amazing gift."

Natasha, 35, Australia

"What a journey. The best decision I have ever made (or the spirit guides moved me towards ha). The next best decision was saying yes to the Spiritual journey. I am SO full of love, emotion, thanks and gratitude to you, the spirit guides and the universal. I am finding it hard to hold it all in (I know you are shouting don't hold it in ha). You are a truly beautiful and special person and I wanted you to know how much you mean to me and how thankful I am for everything that you do."

Debs, 52, Australia

"I met you in March and your guidance was the most incredible experience I have ever had. You gave me clarity and a path. I have listened to your recording on many occasions to draw strength. Thank you. I'm coming back."

Mel, 56, Australia

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When great people reconnect, they live light, burn bright and change this world


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