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Great people can feel discouraged and disconnected. Working with Zoe helps you reconnect to the greatness within so that you can feel light and burn bright.

For 20 years Zoe has helped people discover their own point of brilliance and shine.

Working with Zoe is simple.

1. Choose from the range of consults offered below (or further explore your needs during your consult)

2. Book your appointment

3. Breathe- you are on your way to feeling lighter, brighter and fulfilling your potential


How Zoe Can Help


What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

Spiritual Life Coaching with Zoe is about helping you find connection, meaning and genuine life enhancing success.

We Do Three Things:

  1. We find out what is meaningful to you.
  2. Then we connect to that.
  3. Lastly we work to align every aspect of your life to who you really are, ditching outdated habits, blocks and beliefs as we go.

We're working to help you embrace YOU.

Your strengths, your values, your hopes, your dreams, your life, your success, your way.

It's powerful.

And it's the most purposeful investment you can ever make.

Think about it:

  • Success without meaning = empty.
  • Relationships without meaning = empty. 
  • You without meaning = empty.

Don't waste your life feeling empty, dimmed and disconnected from who you are.  

Invest in yourself- your life is the most precious thing you'll ever have.

Spiritual Life Coaching helps you discover meaning, purpose and connection.

Get help to align your life around this and you too can feel light, burn bright and successfully realise your potential. 

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"Working with you has been an eye-opener. It’s been good. I've been able to look within and act on what’s there. I've listened to why I’m feeling like that and I’m no longer just plodding along and hoping things will change and I’ll be happy. I’m making myself happy."  

Stephanie, 36, UK

"You cannot imagine how much it means to have you in my life as a coach – without you, I would for sure not be the person I am today.

THANKS so much for all your help and guidance. You ROCK!!!!! J"

Barbara, 44, Australia

"My friend overseas recommended you. I was suffering from depression, my business was stagnant, I felt vaguely unwell although nothing was wrong and I was questioning my relationship. It was all overwhelming. Over the course of working with you for a year I can honestly say I've not felt this well in years! I'm happy again and business is better than it has been in years. Thank you, Zoe!"

Thomas, 36, Australia

Want to Master Your Mind?

If you're sick of your own inner thoughts, tired of the inner critic within, feel like your drowning in negativity and can't break out of it, then it's time to clean up your mind.

For over 21 years, Zoe has helped people just like you learn how to harness the transformative power of self-talk. Using mindfulness, meditation, awareness amongst other mind training practices, you can improve your inner game and transform the way you look at life.

Don't stay stuck in the same broken record, tired of going nowhere.

You can think more clearly. You can recapture positivity. You can have a more beautiful mind.

Book in with Zoe now and give yourself the clarity and positivity you truly deserve. 


Open-Up to What’s Inside and Fly!

Spiritual Development with Zoe

Spiritual Development with Zoe Helps You:

  • Explore Your Gifts      
  • Engage Your Spirit      
  • Find Out What’s Inside

Not connecting with the Universe is just wrong. Don’t disrespect the spiritual you.You were born to experience so much more.

For over 21 years I’ve taken the greatest of care when working with people as they learn to:

  • Connect to the gifts and sensitivities inside
  • Open-up to the possibilities within
  • Flow with themselves and the Universe
  • Create deeply connected and meaningful lives

Consciousness Expanding Spiritual Development Online and In Person

I understand that spiritual awakenings or exploration can feel raw, vulnerable, exhilarating and/or overwhelming.

I’m here to help and support you, every step of the way, as you wake up and explore a deeper and more meaningful you.

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How do I Spiritually Develop with Zoe?

  1. Book Your Appointment Commit to your journey now in or select a free 15-minute discovery call to connect
  2. Complete Your Emailed Form This helps me help you as thoroughly as possible
  3. Turn up and Smile Your deeper connection is ready to begin J


"Thank you- what a curious and incredible combination of grounded, esoteric, visionary, practical and insightful Goddess! Since speaking with you, I feel a release of fear, doubt, guilt. I also feel immense relief, it’s ok to be ALL of me. That’s an amazing gift."

Natasha, 35, Australia

"What a journey. The best decision I have ever made (or the spirit guides moved me towards ha). The next best decision was saying yes to the Spiritual journey. I am SO full of love, emotion, thanks and gratitude to you, the spirit guides and the universal. I am finding it hard to hold it all in (I know you are shouting don't hold it in ha). You are a truly beautiful and special person and I wanted you to know how much you mean to me and how thankful I am for everything that you do."

Debs, 52, Australia

"I met you in March and your guidance was the most incredible experience I have ever had. You gave me clarity and a path. I have listened to your recording on many occasions to draw strength. Thank you. I'm coming back."

Mel, 56, Australia

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Animal Communication with Zoe

Misunderstanding your pet is wrong. Wondering what they’re trying to say is hard. Don’t doubt yourself. Be the best pet owner you can be.


Animal Communication Helps You:

1. Listen to Your Animal

You want to do what’s right for them. Always.

2. Listen to Yourself

When you know they’re trying to tell you something, you want to listen.

3. Trust Your Bond

What you feel is real. Deepen and strengthen the love and connection you already share.

What is Animal Communication with Zoe?

Every horse, cat and dog is unique. For 12 years I’ve helped devoted pet owners:

  • Talk with their animals
  • Better understand and meet their needs
  • Feel reassured that they are giving the best care they can
  • Become the happiest, most fulfilled pet owners they can be


How Does Animal Communication with Zoe Work?

  1. Book Your Appointment Dive right in or select a free 15-minute Discovery Call to establish if I am right for you and your animal
  2. Complete Your Emailed Form This helps me understand what you and your pet needs
  3. Turn up online with Your Animal or with a Photo And hear what they have to say


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"Zoe has a great ability to communicate with animals helping their owners to work with their animals and establish a greater and more rewarding bond. 

Zoe helps you to understand your animal’s needs and how your animal works i.e., how things happen in the animal world and the differences to their world versus our own.  The relationship you have with your animal completely transforms from one of coexisting together to one of friendship, companionship, and love as you come to understand and listen to your animal more.  Zoe’s love and delight when work with animals is evident.  Her approach is soft and gentle whilst also being respectful and loving towards your animal.  I would highly recommend you utilise Zoe’s services if you have any inkling to know how your animal is, how they are feeling, if there is something you can do better or if you want to just check they are okay and happy!"

Alex, Fur Mum to Choc the dog and Mindy the cat.

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When great people reconnect, they live light, burn bright and change this world


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