Shirley Cumming

Shirley is a naturally gifted Healer, Reiki Master Practitioner and Clairvoyant. She LOVES what she does!  Helping others achieve a greater sense of wellbeing, physically, emotionally and spiritually, is a miracle for her and nothing brings her more joy - except her connection with Spirit itself!

Sessions with Shirley are in person at her clinic in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, over the phone or on Skype (time zone permitting).

She offers a range of consultations you can explore and choose from below, or you can book a session and allow Shirley to tune in and help you with what you need most, right now!


Healing with Shirley

Reiki is a relaxing 'hands-on' form of energy healing that channels energy flow to restore harmony and balance to your body, mind and spirit.  

Popular and safe, Reiki is an energy medicine suitable for most people in any state of health. It doesn’t interact with any prescription drugs, and helps you feel balanced, relaxed and positive when facing everyday challenges. It’s also helpful for spiritual development and growth, and promotes a deeper connection with yourself and with others around you. 

During your Reiki session, you will be lying on a treatment couch or sitting comfortably in a chair. Shirley will connect with Reiki energy and channel it through your body’s energy system. This helps to cleanse and revitalise your entire energy system by flushing out energy blockages. 

Reiki is offered by Shirley Cumming at YourGP clinic in Edinburg. Shirley also combines Reiki with Spiritual Guidance.  


“I find Shirley’s Reiki and channelling so beneficial to my physical and emotional health. I feel much calmer overall. It helps when I have physical pain. The guidance helps me grow and develop spiritually and helps me understand myself better. Shirley has a passion and a love for what she does and this so obviously comes through in her treatments and the way she is with her clients.”

Anne, 39, UK
"I love my reiki sessions with angelic guidance with Shirley. She has an amazing ability to tune in to my current life situations and give insightful guidance straight from the angelic realm, which is always spot on, and resonates with me from the heart. The reiki I receive from her is powerful and can be felt at physical and emotional levels in my body. The whole experience is uplifting and thoroughly beneficial to balance both my physical and spiritual well being. I can highly recommend Shirley as a truly gifted healer."

Barbara, UK

Want to remove negative energy from your home?

How do you feel in your home and at work? Is it time to clear your home or office of unwanted energies? Does your personal or professional environment need a more positive vibe? Energy in your home and office may be unseen, but they can deeply affect you, your loved ones and employees and colleagues. 

We’ve all entered spaces before where we’ve felt a ‘vibe’. Whilst some vibes are positive and uplifting others may make you feel odd, depressed or unproductive. This may be caused by energetic imprints held in the atmosphere which were created by recent or long-ago events, as well as electro-magnetic charges from the ground. 


If your home doesn’t feel like a loving, supportive environment, an unseen energy makeover could make all the difference. Perhaps you feel strange, cold, agitated or frustrated in some areas of the building. You might not be able to sleep in a bedroom, or relax in a lounge room.  

Space clearing sessions are popular with people wanting to boost the beneficial feelings that ‘home’ can bring. They make wonderful housewarming gifts for family and friends, and can also help when someone moves out or another moves in.


If your workplace environment feels tired, unproductive or lacking in energy, space clearing can encourage a seismic shift. The energetic landscapes of workplaces are often affected by vibrations from past and present managers, employees, and clients, as well the geology of the physical location. 

These energetic forces are unseen but can affect you and your productivity. If you believe your workplace would benefit from a more positive vibe space clearing is a great way to increase wellbeing, boost cooperation and improve your business performance.

Shirley  doesn't just clear negative energies from your home or office;  during the course of your space clearing session, Shirley will also coach you on the natural energetic highs and lows in a home or office area to help you get the most out of being in your environment. This is incredibly productive; after all who wants to work on the sleepy part of the room or sleep in the high energy area! Shirley will also help to condition the space which helps you achieve what you wish to achieve in your environment more easily.

Shirley Cumming is based in Edinburgh, UK.

Please note: no white sage smudge stick will be used.

Spiritual Guidance with Shirley

Would you like to speak to angels and to spirit guides? Do you seek reassurance, or have a question you’d love to ask? Benevolent spiritual forces surround everyone on earth, supporting us in every aspect of our lives. They are our helpers; often called our ‘angels’ or ‘spirit guides’.

At Heart2Shine, Shirley is honoured to bring you messages, love and wisdom from your angels and spirit guides. She does this by going into a meditative state and asking them to join us. They use our voices and you can speak with them directly and ask questions. This is sometimes called 'channelling' can be done in person or over the phone.

During some readings, loved ones who have passed over may also share their messages with you. Deceased loved ones cannot be guaranteed to always talk, but angels can.

Spiritual Guidance Readings are offered by Shirley Cumming in Edinburgh and over the phone and Skype.


I’m so glad you were recommended to me by a friend, Shirley, and I know I found you at a time when I needed you the most. Words can’t say and I can’t explain how  or why, just how much you’ve helped me. You and the angels are guiding me, helping me understand me, and helping me to feel like me again. It’s as simple and as wonderful as that! I’ve told so many people about you, and I hope that many, many people find you like I did. Thank you so much.”  

Nora, 46, UK

Want to know how to understand your psychic ability or spirituality? Uncover your spiritual gifts, intuition and inner knowing? Train and use them to help people?

Discovering and understanding your gifts can be exhilarating, exciting, terrifying and isolating - luckily not all at the same time!

It takes time and dedication to learn to use your gifts and keep your life harmonious. Your physical, mental and emotional systems adjust with each spiritual step you take, which can feel overwhelming. You may also meet resistance from family and friends as you start to change.

Shirley works specifically to keep you centred and grounded as you open up to changing realities. This allows your gifts and awareness to unfold naturally, while keeping you functioning in the physical world - a very important thing!

Shirley has experienced major life and gift ‘upgrades’, so she offers  true understanding and support as you go through yours. The change is never entirely complete. Working with Shirley involves ongoing reassessment of yourself, your gifts and the world around you. At times liberating, at times daunting; the rewards of doing this work can be tremendous. She will support you as you learn to walk, run, then soar.

Shirley has been gifted since childhood. She is dedicated to helping you develop psychic gifts and keeping you grounded in the here and now. 

Spiritual Development, psychic training and development is offered by Shirley Cumming in Edinburgh, UK and also offers sessions over the phone or Skype.


"Thanks for opening me to the path Shirley. You've helped and suppprted me and now the training wheels are off and my new career beckons. Forever grateful!"

Jane, 39, UK

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