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Spiritual Readings

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Would you like to speak to angels and to spirit guides? Do you seek reassurance, or have a question you’d love to ask? Benevolent spiritual forces surround everyone on earth, supporting us in every aspect of our lives. They are our helpers; often called our ‘angels’ or ‘spirit guides’.

At Heart2Shine, Shirley and Zoe are honoured to bring you messages, love and wisdom from your angels and spirit guides. We do this by going into a meditative state and asking them to join us. They use our voices and you can speak with them directly and ask questions. This is sometimes called 'channelling' can be done in person or over the phone.

During some readings, loved ones who have passed over may also share their messages with you. Deceased loved ones cannot be guaranteed to always talk, but angels can.

Spiritual Guidance Readings are offered by Shirley Cumming in Edinburgh and Zoe Alexander in Sydney. Both Shirley and Zoe also offer sessions online. 

Spiritual Development

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Want to know how to understand your psychic ability or spirituality? Uncover your spiritual gifts, intuition and inner knowing? Train and use them to help people?

Discovering and understanding your gifts can be exhilarating, exciting, terrifying and isolating - luckily not all at the same time!

It takes time and dedication to learn to use your gifts and keep your life harmonious. Your physical, mental and emotional systems adjust with each spiritual step you take, which can feel overwhelming. You may also meet resistance from family and friends as you start to change.

Shirley and Zoe work specifically to keep you centred and grounded as you open up to changing realities. This allows your gifts and awareness to unfold naturally, while keeping you functioning in the physical world - a very important thing!

Shirley and Zoe have both experienced major life and gift ‘upgrades’, so offer true understanding and support as you go through yours. The change is never entirely complete. Working with Shirley or Zoe involves ongoing reassessment of yourself, your gifts and the world around you. At times liberating, at times daunting; the rewards of doing this work can be tremendous. We support you as you learn to walk, run, then soar.

Zoe and Shirley have been gifted since childhood. 

Spiritual Development, psychic training and development is offered by Shirley Cumming in Edinburgh, UK and Zoe Alexander in Sydney, Australia. Both Shirley and Zoe also offer sessions online.

Spiritual Awakening

Available Online Only

Being on your spiritual path is wonderful! Staying on your path as you spiritually awaken isn’t always easy.

Change and transformation comes thick and fast leaving many people unceremoniously with one foot in the material and one foot in the spiritual world. 

It takes time to uncover deeper and more spiritual aspects of who you are, what you want and what you’re here to do in the world. There are often times of great uncertainty, disharmony and doubt as you work to create an authentic and meaningful life for yourself. But you can do it!

If you are you looking for someone to guide and support you as you open up to walk your path, get some help to explore, understand and sometimes decipher some of the signs, Zoe can help. Zoe- a spiritual healer, life coach and practitioner in holistic health- has helped people walk their talk, explore who they truly are, what it is they want and spiritually awaken for over 10 years. 

Initially Zoe works to establish a deep understanding of you and your personal needs. Then she offers you insight together with tried and tested tools and techniques that can target areas of pain for you. This helps harmonize your inner and outer worlds and restore a sense of balance.

The path you walk can only ever be yours and all work with Zoe is highly tailored to your individual needs. 

Zoe is based in Sydney and offers sessions online.

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