Introducing Our Range of Spiritual Flower Essences

Designed to support you in everyday life and connect you to your spirit.


Our essences are unique. They are handmade by healers, marrying their gifts with the expansive and healing frequencies of Australia: earth, ocean, fresh air, flowers, plants, trees, ancient sacred sites and blessed by Spirit and spiritual forces.

The uplifting energetic frequencies enter your body, wash away any energy blocks and reconnect you with your spirit and your capacity to feel well from within.

The best way to get started with our essences is to allow us to tune into your energy field and create a tailor made essence to specifically support your energetic needs in this moment or choose from one of our collections below.

Yes please! I'd LOVE My Own Tailor-Made Essence


Each Collection is a trio of Essences, designed to specifically impact you and your life, where it matters. Click on the images below to find out more.


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