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Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing Available Online

Healing is a relaxing form of energy healing that channels energy flow to restore harmony and balance to your body, and mind and spirit.  

Healing helps you feel feel balanced, relaxed and positive when facing everyday challenges and is popular during times of crisis. It’s also helpful for spiritual development and growth, and promotes a deeper connection with yourself and with others around you. 

All healing sessions are conducted online or over the phone. Zoe or Shirley will start by talking with you. Once the aim of the treatment is established, you will be asked to sit or lie comfortably with your eyes closed. Zoe or Shirley will then connect into your energy system and begin to open, work and restore flow to it. This helps to cleanse and revitalise your entire energy system by flushing out energy blockages. Zoe or Shirley will let you know when your healing is complete and then discuss your experiences. 

"I was unsure if energetic healing could work from a distance, through a screen, but our session yesterday proved to me that it does! It was absolutely magical!

The energy moving around my body made it feel like I was spinning. Then I was taken over from head to toe by an amazing tingling sensation under my skin!

I was immediately filled with such joy that I could hardly contain it, I wanted to laugh out loud! Days later, as I write this,  I am still feeling energized and blissful.

What a release!"  Noushin, Sydney


Bio-Energy Therapy

Bio-Energy Therapy Available Online

Want to cleanse your energy, heal your aura or start an energy detox?

Bio-Energy Therapy (based on aura healing) is a dynamic form of energy healing that restores your energetic balance and flow. It removes energy blocks in your bio-field (or aura) using specific hand movements and gestures. 

It is a safe and effective form of energy medicine, targeting your own capacity for self-healing.

Before your bio-energy therapy session, you will speak with Zoe about what you wish to target. Once you've discussed how you are and whah your intention is, your work is done. Simply sit or lie down and relax. It's over to Zoe now.

Using specific hand techniques, Zoe can feel blockages in your energy field (even although she is not in the room beside you) and she works to clear them for you.  

Zoe works mainly with the energy surrounding your body. Most people find bio-energy treatment deeply relaxing.

To achieve optimal effect, four 45-minute sessions are recommended.

Bio-Energy Therapy is offered by Zoe Alexander online.  Zoe Alexander, originally from Scotland but now based in Australia, works to cleanse your energy and promote energy detox. 

Zoe Alexander is still an Advisor to the British Register of Complementary Practitioners in the UK. 

Space Clearing

Space Clearing Available Online

Want to remove negative energy from your home or business?

How do you feel in your home and at work? Is it time to clear your home or office of unwanted energies and get a better vibe?

Energy in your home and office may be unseen, but they can deeply affect you, your loved ones and employees and colleagues. Even if you are working from home.

We’ve all entered spaces before where we’ve felt a ‘vibe’. Whilst some vibes are positive and uplifting others may make you feel odd, depressed or unproductive. This may be caused by energetic imprints held in the atmosphere which were created by recent or long-ago events, as well as electro-magnetic charges from the ground; not to forget group consciousness. And right now, group consciousness is dark, fearful and heavy.

Shirley can help you at home and at work by lifting the energies surrounding your family and business. She can also coach you on the natural energetic highs and lows in a home or office area to help you get the most out of being in your environment. 

All space clearing sessions are conducted online by Shirley Cumming.

Shirley is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Zoe Alexander

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