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Top 5 tips to help you stay standing up and feeling strong.

tips from zoe Jul 30, 2018

 We know that it’s not always easy to stay strong, so this month we’re here to help. You are an energetic being and we know you want to be feel energetically robust. This means feeling strong within yourself- in body, mind and spirit. We help many of you achieve this and know just how difficult it can be when you feel your strength begin to wane. Unlike what you can tell yourself at this time, you’re not ‘weak’ or a ‘failure’- you’re human and it’s simply time to get strong again…

To help you do just this, 

1. Plan to stay strong: identify what it is you need to to keep you strong and put it in place now. It’ll never feel easier to do this than right now, whilst you’re strong.

2. Close open loops: anything you think about repeatedly but haven’t actioned, or scheduled to action, will cause you to lose energy. Whether it’s writing a thank you card, pay an outstanding bill or getting a health check, do or plan to do it now, whilst you have energy and feel strong.

3. Break new ground: physically, mentally and spiritually. Move your body; mentally learn, try or explore new things, ways of being and deepen practices. Doing what you’ve always done, thinking and behaving in ways you always have, means coasting and coasting means energetic stagnation over time.

4. Balance do-ing  and be-ing: a strong person is a balanced person. Some of you may need to be more, others do more. Your personal balance point can change, so regularly take time out to ask yourself what it is you need more/less of.

5. Back yourself: nothing will weaken you faster than failing to listen or act on your own needs. If you do not find this easy, don’t quite know how to do this, or don’t know what I’m talking about, get help. Asking for help isn’t always easy but none of us can know or do everything- we’re not designed that way. Understanding this is both liberating and spiritually fortifying.

Do you do all of the above? Some, some of the time? None? Why not share what works for you in our comments below- you might just inspire someone to stand back up or stand even stronger…

 All power to you!

Zoe xxx


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