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Q. When you are feeling strong, how do you maintain that strength? I don’t seem to stay strong for long.

“Staying connected to your essence helps you to maintain balance. This in turn gives you a sense of peace, love and strength. Be aware of the choices and decisions that you make when you feel strong. Watch for signs of imbalance or contradiction between your mind, body and spirit and address them through introspection, action, or both. This can help prevent you slipping into old patterns through unconscious behaviour.   However, don’t become focused on holding onto your strength! This can also have a detrimental effect on your system if holding onto strength becomes your goal instead of paying attention to your body, mind and spirit connection. So never make staying strong a goal outside of yourself: this will only fill your mind with thoughts that separates you from your essence.   When mind, body and spirit are aligned, you experience life with ease and feel balanced, in control of your life and feel strong because of that.


With love John x”  

And from me! Shirley XXX


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