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Q. What is Faith?

“Faith is quite a contentious issue. It’s something that many people discuss whether its faith in themselves, a project or faith regarding religious beliefs. When a person’s faith is questioned things can become quite heated!

So, how do you gain faith in yourself or another? What makes the difference between believing or doubting?

This is a complex part of the human psyche. Faith doesn’t just come from brainpower alone; it goes much deeper than the mind itself. It’s the deeper part of you, what you feel on the inside that matters where this subject is concerned.

Evidence alone isn’t enough to make you to believe; it helps and it may be able to sway your decision making process one way or another, but the deciding factor will always come down to how you feelFeeling can be interpreted in many different ways: it can be a gut instinct, knowingness or just a strong sense of the right decision.

Faith can only be as strong as your will because although you make a conscious decision at some point in to have faith in a person, project or endeavor, you will need to then trust and you do this with your willpower.

Your heart, soul, spirit or essence is what will take you to a final conclusion on this subject and it is something that is very different for each one of you. There is no need for all of you to believe in the same people or projects. However sometimes the strength of faith in another sways you mentally to believing in what another is doing or has to say.

Trust also has a strong connection with faith. How much do you trust yourself or another with regard to your association with them and their goals and aspirations?

Huge corporations have been formed due to the blind faith that was felt by the creator, inventor, innovator or entrepreneur to succeed in completing the vision that they had for their business.

There aren’t as many of you out there that are willing to go the extra mile or run with the passion you feel on the inside to push forward with there ideas or dreams, regardless of anyone else’s negative input or opinions. But when you do, now that is faith in action!

Believe in yourself; have faith that you are able to decide what is right for you with a strength that moves you forward in your life with love and passion. If you don’t you merely exist and fulfill a role that has been put in place by many generations before you. Break the mold and breakfree into a life full of fun, laughter, success, love and fulfillment and you never know- your faith may change some other people’s lives along the way.


With Love,

John x”


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