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Q. Is Heaven Real?

“Heaven is real. It comes in different forms for different people. But when you realise this and uncover the path that takes you to your own personal heaven, this makes all the difference. You’re opening up a part of yourself that’s freely available to you from birth. It’s always there. It’s not that heaven is something that needs to be attained or waited for; it’s not a journey to a place of wonderment or glory; it’s how you view your life and yourself within your life. It’s how you take your words, your truth and understanding and make them your law.

You need to be free and heaven is freedom. Your love gives you freedom and brings you closer to heaven on earth. It makes you see everything differently. You have a way of being in touch with the core of who you are, your essence. When love is flowing freely through you, you’re heaven personified; you are giving freely of your love and you are accepting of the love of others and the love inherent in all things- flowers, birds, trees; everything is love. Heaven is where you are in your heart.

When you love and want to be loved and hold an agenda, you don’t recognise you are stopping yourself from being who you truly are. Loving with agenda is not choosing heaven and not choosing happiness and bliss. Instead, it is a means to an end; a quick fix. The ‘how’ to access heaven has always been there. You need to open up; allow any pain to be there; allow the hurt and the heartache to come and go. Be free with all emotion that passes through you. There are many forms. When you are open at your heart, love is all that matters. Emotions come and go but you are constant and heaven is in that place. There’s no need to go anywhere.

Life is just different for those that pass and leave their body. They go to a different reality, back to the One where everyone came from; where peace and love reign supreme. It’s continuation of life but in a different way. There’s more to be said on this subject, but not for now.

With Love,


John x”


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