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Q: I’ve read a number of your pieces and you always stress the importance of having a relationship with yourself – can you expand on this please?

“Having a strong and healthy relationship with yourself is a fundamental part of having a fulfilling, expansive, unlimited life. When you are connected to yourself life is much easier to navigate; it’s the difference between floating adrift on the ocean to having your own boat and steering it safely to shore.

It means that your life is following the direction that’s right for you; you’re not following the stereotypical roles of class, gender, age or geographical location. You’re doing what is right for you. This does require you to learn to listen to the murmurings of your soul’s desires as we as listen to the needs of your physical body regarding food, exercise, rest and making quality lifestyle choices.

It’s all well and good complaining about life never going your way but are you taking responsibility for yourself? Doing what is best for you on all levels? Listening to your essence, your soul? Life will always happen but if you are doing the best you can for you and being honest with yourself, you are much better able to roll with the punches.

On initial appearance it may seem like a straightforward task but when you have relationships to negotiate, challenges to overcome and goals to achieve, sometimes you are the last person to get any attention, so you may miss the subtle signs and murmurings of your soul and needs of your physical body.

We see you struggle with this scenario often and would say to you, do not fear the outcome of what may initially feel like a difficult decision, because another may not approve or like the path that you taking. Instead be brave for yourself and see the difference it can make in your life when you are choosing exactly what is right for you at any and all times, which starts and ends at all times by being connected to yourself!

Your lives are not difficult but you can make them difficult for yourselves by not following your own truth and standing up for what is right for you. There is no shame in disagreeing with what someone else may perceive as right for you and the more you own your truth by being honest with yourself, the more connected, loving and honest you become and all of life flows with ease. At this point when a challenge appears it is easier for you to find your truth and balance very quickly and return to a state of  peace and flow with life once more.

With love,

John x”


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