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Q. I don’t like what I’ve got and want to change. How do I break the cycles that stop me?

A: “It’s familiar and very comfortable to continue repeating past patterns of behaviour without giving it much thought: and therein lies the problem. You become blinkered and unconscious, believing it’s the only way and without questioning yourself you get the same results time and time again.

How wonderful to know that you can change your behavior at any time because you have choice! Decision’s made with conscious awareness are worth their weight in gold; they free you from the past and open up new avenues and possibilities that can dramatically change the direction and quality of your life.

We would say, ‘always choose without fear; challenge the same limiting thoughts that continue to appear; reach for what you truly desire and trust that you can have it; don’t settle for what the past has given you due to limited unconscious thinking reach for the stars and free yourself and your desires!’.

With love John x”

And from me, Shirley x


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