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How Heart2Shine Flower Essences Can Support You in Your Business

We know that when we ask you about flower essences, we generally get two responses:

1. I don’t really know how they work

2. I’m not really sure how they can help me

You are an energetic being, made up of mind, body and spirit. Your mind, body and spirit are united by your energy field and without this energy field, you die. This overall energy field (or biofield) must do one thing and that is flow. If it does not body, mind and spirit can be negatively affected. Similarly, when either your body, mind or spirit is affected by some sort of trauma or imbalanced way of living, your energy field is also affected. You and your energy field cannot be separated and really are one!
This is not a new concept or theory. Chinese Traditional medicine has long sought to balance “Chi” and Indian Ayurveda to harness the flow of “Prana”.

You do not need to know about your energy system to positively impact it, just like you do not need to know about your mind to be able to think or your body to able to breathe: all of these things simply happen and are a symptom of being alive.

However, just like you can choose to improve the health of your body through better physical self care; choose to improve the quality of your thinking and overall mental health.

So too can you choose to boost the health of your energy field. And there’s a great reason to do so: free flowing, healthy energy boosts your body, mind and spirit and overall sense of self. The quality of your energy field is the vibe that you experience as you move through life and the vibe other’s experience from you.  Everyone prefers to be that person who gives off the good vibe because we all know what it feels like to spend time with the person who gives off the bad or draining vibe.

Heart2Shine flower essences are made by me. I’m an energetic healer and they also have input from Shirley Cumming, another energetic healer. But our range doesn’t just contain my or Shirley’s healing capacity. Each bottle also contains the life force (energetic signature) of plants, sacred places and Spiritual forces.

They are not made to impact your physical health- they are not medicines. They are not made to impact your mind- they are notpsychological therapies. They are made to clear, uplift and support your energy field and so uplift and support you in your life, regardless of what you do, where you are or what you want to feel better about or in.

Try them!

Because they impact your energy field, you may or may not even notice them working, but, you can look for the effects of them working: in your overall sense of self, experience in the world and ability to interact & perform in certain areas. Sometimes the effects are immediate and sometimes they are subtle and cumulative, which is why we sell ours in 30 and 50 ml bottles and ask you to take them twice a day for at least 28 days or until the bottle is finished.

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