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About Us

Why Work With Heart2Shine

Because great people deserve to feel light and burn bright.

We help you eliminate the noise, doubt, anxiety, hurt, fear and sense of disconnection from life. Our skilled and experienced team is devoted to helping you get clear, get conscious, get centred & connected, so that you can feel light, burn bright and change this world.

Zoe Alexander - Specialised in Coaching, Courses & Creativity

For 19 years I've helping people heal, connect and educate themselves. I help those who feel weak get strong, those who can love get conscious and those capable of greatness get connected and get on with changing this world.

I've helped individuals, teams and organisations connect to what really matters, change what doesn’t and clearly define their own unique way forward. This world is ready for change and I work with those ready to become changemakers.

  • Certified Coach
  • Certified Trainer and Assessor
  • Certified Healer
  • Spiritual Connector (let’s see what you're REALLY capable of!)

You have distinct gifts and strengths, beliefs and values as well as your own experience of life so far. This makes and moulds who you are and what you believe you’re capable of. But you also have a unique signature, as individual as your fingerprint; it’s your energetic signature and I can read it and help you work with it.

Between the forms you complete before we meet and my ability to 'read' your energy signature, we get to work VERY quickly, focusing on what it is you want to create in your life, after we’ve established good fit for the other.

I bring you love, commitment and never-ending resilience to help you get to where you want to be. Why? Because this world needs you. Collectively we need positive change, and this can only happen through the action and state of being of people. But not half-baked, half disengaged, distracted, busy being busy people. Instead, great people just like you: connected, engaged, living light, burning bright and fulfilling your potential. That is what positive change will take. And through engaging you, I fulfil my life purpose: to help people and make this world a better place.

Today I happily work my skills, gifts and energetic blueprint through my work with you as a Transformation Life Coach, Trainer and Assessor, Meditation Teacher, Healer, sensitive and psychic, Flower Essence Producer and Advisor for Bio-energy Therapy to The British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP) in Energy Medicine in the UK. But it wasn't always easy.

As a teenager I was depressed, anxious and suicidal. My mind ran a mock. I was a ‘sensitive’ and naturally psychic child, living a disharmonious and chaotic life; all of which made my existence feel like living hell. Together with the glandular fever and chronic fatigue I had TWICE (knocking out a decade of life between years in my late teens and early twenties and once again in my mid-thirties), in some ways it's a miracle I'm still here.

But from this, I know resilience; how to pick myself back up; how to do this physically; mentally; energetically and spirituality; how to make self-harmony and resonance out of disparate parts. Having reconnected and re-engaged many, many times, I can promise you one thing: if you are not connected to who you are, the essence of you, your spirit, you really really want to find out how to do it. Connection and the ability to reconnect, are your personal keys to you, this life and all that lies in the field of potentiality for you.

Heart2Shine provides sessions, courses and carefully created products that reconnect great people so they can feel light, burn bright and realise their potential.

Right now, I work solely online and am available Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You can book your appointment me via The Gentle Dragon Where I’m based for face to face appointments in easier times. You can also email me at: [email protected].

Feeling drained and disconnected dulls minds, dims hearts and steals potential, sometimes forever. During dark time, this world and those you love need you more than ever.

So, let’s get you connected, living light, burning bright and realising your potential.

May You Shine!

Zoe X

Shirley Cumming - Specialised in Healing and All Things Unseen

With over 15 years healing people and connecting to the unseen forces of the Universe, Shirley’s genuine desire is to help people through their ups and downs in health, family and career. She’s worked with individuals all over the globe get back on track, get spiritually connected and open up to the help, love and support that the Universe has to offer them.

  • Certified Healer
  • Certified Coach
  • Spiritual Enabler (for those who want to connect with Spirit and have some fun)

I’m a naturally gifted Healer, Reiki Master Practitioner and Clairvoyant. I LOVE what I do! The fact that I can help others achieve a greater sense of wellbeing, physically, emotionally and spiritually, is a miracle for me and nothing brings me more joy - except my connection with Spirit itself!

 It’s been quite a journey to arrive at this point in my life. I never started out with a vision of the person I’ve become. I was a quiet child, I loved animals and liked to stay indoors, reading books, drawing and making things creatively. 

From a young age, I had a developed awareness. I heard and saw people in spirit and I couldn’t shut it off. Life continued on regardless I got married, had a beautiful daughter, and led a happy life, but the questions, feelings and awareness remained. Everything changed when I met and worked with Zoe, who is now a great friend. She introduced me to Reiki and working with Spirit, and I’ve never looked back. I built a successful practice working from a private GP practice.

Then in 2010, my system crashed. I couldn’t work, my life went into chaos and conventional medicine couldn’t help me. By turning to what I knew (complementary therapy, Reiki, herbal medicine, reflexology, acupuncture and my spirituality) I experienced first hand what I’d helped people with for years: our ability to heal ourselves.

I’m much stronger now and have a deeper appreciation for health and life itself. I’m living more and taking more opportunities, learning more about myself as I go. You only realise how precious life is when everything you take for granted is taken away. Many people come to me in the same situation. ‘Nothing’ is a great place to start!

At Heart2Shine, my role is to provide a channel for optimum communication from Angels, Guides and Spiritual Helpers to ensure we are on track, working to our mission, goals and values in all aspects of our products and services.

I run monthly Evenings with John events in Edinburgh, which you can come along to or join via Skype. Each month we set a topic to discuss. During these Evenings, Spiritual Master “John” makes a connection with me and happily speaks on the topic answering any questions you may have on the night.

I also distribute the Heart2Shine Essence range in the UK so if you would like to try a flower essence and you live in UK or Europe, please contact me.

I also coach Zoe, ensuring she stays on top form and works to the best of her best capabilities- something extremely important to her.

 In the future I’ll also be teaching so watch this space!

Please contact me if you would like more information.

Love Shirley X

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