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Time to Shine Holistic Coaching


With Zoe Alexander

Are you ready to shine?

This type of coaching with Zoe is for you when you know there’s something deep inside waiting to be discovered and the time to start is Now.

Perhaps you:

  • Know there's something inside; something that wants to burst into life that will make sense of the past and open up your future. You can feel it- you just don't know exactly what it is yet...
  • Know what you want to do; you're excited, daunted and unsure how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • You're already where you want to be but there's something missing: some part of you waiting to be unlocked and you're not sure what or where it is or how to unlock it.

Zoe has been helping people heal, transform and create authentic, successful, meaningful lives for 15 years.

Sessions with Zoe are in person, over the phone or on Skype (time zone permitting). Zoe works to help you discover your own point of brilliance and help you shine. 


“I first met Zoe four years ago, when seeking help with disconnectedness in my life. Since then I’ve included Zoe as part of my inner counsel, and the role that she plays is absolutely invaluable to me both personally and professionally. Zoe brings balance and helps me to retain a centred and spiritual approach. I feel that as a direct result, I have become a much more effective and successful individual. I would recommend Zoe to anyone interested in finding the best in themselves and harnessing that to achieve great things.”

John, 49, Australia
"I want to say a huge thank you to you for getting me to this point. I look back to our first meeting in February and think 'WOW'! How things have changed since then. You have played such an integral part in guiding me through the process of change and helping me to achieve my goals. I am forever in awe of your insight, wisdom and mastery and thank you so very much."

Claire, 48, Australia
"Thank you heaven I called Zoe! One of the best moves I've ever made. She has been integral in helping me progress from the life I had to the life I want. I was previously unhappy, frustrated and unfulfilled on all counts. Now life couldn't be better. It's simply amazing. It didn't take long; it didn't take drugs or gimmicks! Just direction, honesty and belief. Zoe - thank you isn't a big enough word”.

Rowena, 35, USA