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Spiritual Guidance


With Shirley Cumming and Zoe Alexander

Would you like to speak to angels and to spirit guides? Do you seek reassurance, or have a question you’d love to ask? Benevolent spiritual forces surround everyone on earth, supporting us in every aspect of our lives. They are our helpers; often called our ‘angels’ or ‘spirit guides’.

At Heart2Shine, Shirley and Zoe are honoured to bring you messages, love and wisdom from your angels and spirit guides. We do this by going into a meditative state and asking them to join us. They use our voices and you can speak with them directly and ask questions. This is sometimes called 'channelling' can be done in person or over the phone.

During some readings, loved ones who have passed over may also share their messages with you. Deceased loved ones cannot be guaranteed to always talk, but angels can.

Spiritual Guidance Readings are offered by Shirley Cumming in Edinburgh and Zoe Alexander in Sydney, Northern Beaches. Both Shirley and Zoe also offer sessions over the phone and Skype.


I’m so glad you were recommended to me by a friend, Shirley, and I know I found you at a time when I needed you the most. Words can’t say and I can’t explain how  or why, just how much you’ve helped me. You and the angels are guiding me, helping me understand me, and helping me to feel like me again. It’s as simple and as wonderful as that! I’ve told so many people about you, and I hope that many, many people find you like I did. Thank you so much.”  

Nora, 46, UK

"Zoe you are THE BEST! I can say this because this is also what i do for a living! I've been working with you for 4 years and I never miss our session. You and what you do is sacred and I'm blessed to have you in my life." 

Sharon, 42, Australia