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Spiritual Awakening


With Zoe Alexander

Being on your spiritual path is wonderful! Staying on your path as you spiritually awakening isn’t always easy! Change and transformation can come thick and fast leaving many people uncermoniously with one foot in the material and one foot in the spiritual world. 

It takes time to uncover deeper and more spiritual aspects of who you are, what you want and what you’re here to do in the world. There are often times of great uncertainty, disharmony and doubt as you work to create an authentic and meaningful life for yourself. But you can do it!

If you are you looking for someone to guide and support you as you open up to walk your path, get some help to explore, understand and sometimes decipher some of the signs, Zoe can help. Zoe- a spiritual healer, life coach and practitioner in holistic health- has helped people walk their talk, explore who they truly are, what it is they want and spiritually awaken for over 10 years. 

Initially Zoe works to establish a deep understanding of you and your personal needs. Then she offers you insight together with tried and tested tools and techniques that can target areas of pain for you. This helps harmonize your inner and outer worlds and restore a sense of balance.

The path you walk can only ever be yours and all work with Zoe is highly tailored to your individual needs. 

Zoe offers 50 minute sessions in Sydney, Northern Beaches and over the phone and Skype. Email Zoe at or call 0422387166.


"I feel lighter and no longer carrying my history or family upbringing around with me like shopping bags! I've learnt to let go of others issues and feel I can identify when I'm not being totally true to myself or connected with myself.

Zoe you have completed changed my life, through helping me release my outdated beliefs and facing my deepest fears! I've acknowledged, faced and dealt with issues that were keeping me stuck, some were learnt from my family and some I made up!

I know feel I've been cleaned out and I'm a blank canvass to draw my own painting! I still have my original values just less the crap! It's like a diamond being cleaned- thank you!"

Angela, 29, Australia

"Zoe has helped me find my balance. I didn't know where I was going or what I was doing. I knew I couldn't go back but I knew I wasn't moving forward. My self esteem was plummeting and I was doubting everything I kew to be true. Thanks for being there. Thanks for being you."

John, 46, UK

"Zoe in our time working together, I can't say i've always liked you. Finding myself wrything in pain, knowing that I've created itt, that I've got tools to get me out of it that I'm not using does that! I know you'll laugh at this. You laugh at most things- an dI like it! Thanks for the support- I would be less me without it :) "

George, 32, Australia