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Space Clearing


Space Clearing with Zoe Alexander and Shirley Cumming

Want to remove negative energy from your home?

How do you feel in your home and at work? Is it time to clear your home or office of unwanted energies? Does your personal or professional environment need a more positive vibe? Energy in your home and office may be unseen, but they can deeply affect you, your loved ones and employees and colleagues. 

We’ve all entered spaces before where we’ve felt a ‘vibe’. Whilst some vibes are positive and uplifting others may make you feel odd, depressed or unproductive. This may be caused by energetic imprints held in the atmosphere which were created by recent or long-ago events, as well as electro-magnetic charges from the ground. 


If your home doesn’t feel like a loving, supportive environment, an unseen energy makeover could make all the difference. Perhaps you feel strange, cold, agitated or frustrated in some areas of the building. You might not be able to sleep in a bedroom, or relax in a lounge room.  

Space clearing sessions are popular with people wanting to boost the beneficial feelings that ‘home’ can bring. They make wonderful housewarming gifts for family and friends, and can also help when someone moves out or another moves in.


If your workplace environment feels tired, unproductive or lacking in energy, space clearing can encourage a seismic shift. The energetic landscapes of workplaces are often affected by vibrations from past and present managers, employees, and clients, as well the geology of the physical location. 

These energetic forces are unseen but can affect you and your productivity. If you believe your workplace would benefit from a more positive vibe space clearing is a great way to increase wellbeing, boost cooperation and improve your business performance.

Shirley and Zoe don't just clear negative energies from your home or office;  during the course of your space clearing session, Zoe and Shirley will also coach you on the natural energetic highs and lows in a home or office area to help you get the most out of being in your environment. This is incredibly productive; afterall who want to work on the sleepy part of the room or sleep in the high energy area! Shirley and Zoe will also help to condition the space which helps you achieve what you wish to achieve in your environment more easily.

Shirley Cumming is based in Edinburgh, UK and Zoe Alexander in Sydney, Northern Beaches.

Please note: no white sage smudge stick will be used.


We wanted your services Zoe because we were moving into sustainable hair services and needed to make it work. At first the staff were dismissive about what you did but they changed their mind when they felt the difference! Now they ask when you’re coming in! When we get new members of staff we don’t even need to introduce you, ‘energy’ and ‘feel’- the existing staff tell them all about it!

We get several comments a week about how good our space feels and some clients have even posted this on social media! I’ve gifted your services Zoe to the general manager of an international brand who commented on how great our salons feel.

Having the right ‘feel’ at work is SO important to us both for ourselves and for our clients. I’m aware when I need you Zoe. We can feel the energy in the premises and it’s strong. We’ve learned to help keep it that way. But sometimes when something dramatic, traumatic or deeply negative happens we know we need the energy of the space to be lifted and call you.

I believe what you do has helped keep our business on track and helps us look after our well-being. I know it even spills over into our personal life too. Even my children now ask about ‘energy’ and it’s become part of their life. At 14 and 16 that’s no mean feat!

I know I’ll never be without the positive vibes you bring for us all.

I wholeheartedly recommend getting your space cleared and conditioned. The effects are amazing and we all feel it. It’s like getting a facelift for the soul.

Terri, 50, NSW

“I am very impressed and happy to tell you about how I found the atmosphere at the house after you visited and did your cleansing. The house prior to your visit had been a place of sadness and felt oddly ill. There was just a feeling of wrongness about it. However, I could sense the change after your visit just by walking up the steps to the entrance. All the heaviness had been lifted off. What a blessing you are to us all. I can totally recommend this service to anyone living with Bad Vibes.”

Caroline, 46, NSW.


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