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Product Description

Do you need to heal from an incident or relationship that happened a long time ago? Perhaps you are no longer able to contact someone because they have passed or disappeared from your life. Or maybe you seek comfort and reassurance from loved one(s) who have passed over.

If you feel somehow trapped in the past or disassociated with the present, for whatever reason, Eternity flower essence is for you. Eternity is a different kind of essence. It’s a spiritual essence that reaches far and wide - beyond time and space - to help you heal and let go of hurts and traumas from different times and even past lives. 

 cannot bring your loved one back. But it can help connect you to a deeper, spiritual part of you that knows love never dies. Knowing this can help you heal, let go, release and move forward in this space and time, in the present moment. Eternity vibrational remedy was inspired by the love of Ann and James Clyde - a love that knew no bounds.


Brandy formula:
Spring water, brandy & our vibrational essence of Eternity.
Warning: This product contains alcohol.

Glycerine formula:
Spring water, vegetable glycerine & our vibrational essence of Eternity.
Warning: This product contains 0.1% alcohol

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