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Reiki is a relaxing 'hands-on' form of energy healing that channels energy flow to restore harmony and balance to your body, mind and spirit.  

Popular and safe, Reiki is an energy medicine suitable for most people in any state of health. It doesn’t interact with any prescription drugs, and helps you feel balanced, relaxed and positive when facing everyday challenges. It’s also helpful for spiritual development and growth, and promotes a deeper connection with yourself and with others around you.

During your Reiki session, you will be lying on a treatment couch or sitting comfortably in a chair. Jacqui, Shirley or Zoe will connect with Reiki energy and channel it through your body’s energy system. This helps to cleanse and revitalise your entire energy system by flushing out energy blockages.

Reiki is offered by Jacqui Mitchell and Shirley Cumming at YourGp clinic in Edinburgh. Jacqui is a Reiki Master and teaches Reiki several times a year. Shirley also combines Reiki with Spiritual Guidance. 


“I find Shirley’s Reiki and channelling so beneficial to my physical and emotional health. I feel much calmer overall. It helps when I have physical pain. The guidance helps me grow and develop spiritually and helps me understand myself better. Shirley has a passion and a love for what she does and this so obviously comes through in her treatments and the way she is with her clients.”

Anne, 39, UK

"The most beneficial experience I have ever had. I felt so relaxed during and after my treatment. Best night’s sleep in ages! Thank you Jacqui."

Sylvia, 46, UK

“Thank you Zoe for Reiki which has completely changed my life. I now know I am on the right path thanks to you, and I am the happiest I have ever been!"

Rose, 49, Australia

Learn Reiki in Edinburgh with Jacqui!

Attending a Reiki course is a very personal experience; therefore it is important you choose the right Reiki Master for you. Jacqui recommends you meet her, have your questions answered and have a treatment before making the decision to enrol in one of her courses. 

Reiki can be learnt for your own personal development - you do not have to become a practitioner, unless you want to. Indeed, Jacqui believes that a Reiki course is merely the beginning of your journey of self-discovery and development. 

What will I learn?

Prior to your course you will be asked to read 'Reiki for life', by Penelope Quest, to help you understand Reiki's theory and history. 

During the course you will gain an understanding and awareness of:

  • 1. Reiki - what it is and how you experience its effects 
  • 2. How to do self-treatments 
  • 3. How to help yourself heal 
  • 4. How to manage your own energies better 
  • 5. How to treat others 
  • 6. How to treat animals, plants and environments 
  • 7. Reiki Principles: what they are and how to live by them 
  • 8. How to work with energy in your everyday life

On completion of your course you will be given the opportunity to attend a Reiki II course. 

Classes are small and informal. They take place in comfortable surroundings where you will be able to fully experience Reiki's power and potential. This approach allows for optimal tutoring and provides plenty opportunity for one-to-one work. 

Certain elements of the course can be emotionally challenging as you will be dealing with some personal issues. However, you will have the support of Jacqui and the other course participants.

Reiki Courses in 2016 in Edinburgh ONLY

Reiki courses generally run from 9.30am – 3.30pm Saturday and Sunday on consecutive weekends, with a 30 minute lunch break at 12pm. Please bring a light lunch and snacks.

Reiki I

Course runs for 3 weekends

  • Dates: TBC

Reiki II

Course runs for 2 weekends

  • Dates: TBC

Reiki Masters

Please contact Jacqui to discuss how she can help you learn and progress with Reiki, or for more information: +44 (0)131 225 5656 or +44 (0)7810 805902 or email