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Peace Perfume

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15 unit(s)

Product Description

Discover a feeling of peace, calmness and centeredness with a dab of Peace Perfume.

Do you ever have those moments when things feel like they’re not going your way, life feels overwhelming and you're not sure how you’ll get through your day?

We have you. Open the lid, dab our perfume to each wrist, and immediately embark on a scented journey where aromatherapy oils and isolates combined with Peace flower essence, enters your energy, works to balance your yin and yang, and awakens a comforting magic from deep within.

Wondering how a perfume can help you achieve this feeling of calm from within?

This is no ordinary perfume. Peace Perfume dances with your energy field, its scent changing every five minutes, re-writing your vibratory field before settling into it's unique to you sweet spot, and allowing your system to feel better balanced, more tranquil and connected. 

On the days when you are deeply in need of Peace, you'll be amazed at just how much the fragrance differs from left to right wrist after application. Each time you apply, the scent begins afresh. At times you may love the scent on one side and hate the other. Regardless, be amazed how the scent settles to become uniquely yours.

Use your Peace Perfume differently from normal perfume or cologne. Carry your lipstick size, discreet perfume bottle in your handbag or pocket and apply this supercharged vibrational fragrance throughout your day onto pulse points, temples, brow and heart chakra to allow the beautifully blended essential oils, isolates and energetic signatures of Australian flowers, plants, sacred geographies and spiritual forces, to help you feel calm, grounded and simply better. 

Peace Perfume is a natural, unisex eau de toilette bringing the art of fine fragrance to Heart2Shine's Peace Flower Essence.

Peace Perfume is not yet released to the general public. But it is available to you, exclusively, today.

If you’re looking for an easy and immediate way to feel peaceful, balanced, more tranquil and connected, then our peace Perfume is the answer to your prayers.

Order your bottle today. 


Brandy formula:
Spring water, brandy & our vibrational essence of Peace Perfume.
Warning: This product contains alcohol.

Glycerine formula:
Spring water, vegetable glycerine & our vibrational essence of Peace Perfume.
Warning: This product contains 0.1% alcohol

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