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Flower Essence FAQ's


Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about our Flower Essences and how to take them. Happy reading and if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Essences were first made from flowers in the 1930s by British physician Edward Bach (1886-1936). He discovered that flowers of certain plants could help balance the emotions and minds of individuals, bringing them back to alignment and promoting better health.

Plants have been our primary larder and pharmacy since time began. This was the first time, as far as we’re aware, that their vibration was deliberately captured to help people heal mentally and emotionally. Dr Bach created the first 38 Bach Flower Remedies, including “Rescue Remedy” which is sold throughout the world in pharmacies and health food stores. Since Dr Bach, many more ranges have been created worldwide, including our own special Heart2Shine range.
There are many ways to make an essence, all of which involve capturing a positive, healing vibration - initially in water - and then preserving it, usually with alcohol. Heart2Shine essences combine helpful vibrations from flowers, plants, certain geographies and supportive spiritual forces. Each essence in our range utilises different energies and frequencies. This means each essence was made differently.
Every one of our essences has been made in one of a variety of locations around beautiful and ancient Australia.
As an essence works on your energy field, it’s important to understand what an energy field - or ‘biofield’ - is. Your body is made up of cells, each sending out electrical impulses. Anything that creates an electrical impulse also creates a magnetic field. This creates an energy field in and around the body. Some people call this an ‘aura’ or biofield.

In different therapies an energy system may be named or utilised differently for energy healing. For example, traditional Chinese medicine works to prevent and treat illness by manipulating ‘chi’ in your meridian system via acupuncture. Your meridian system is akin to an electrical circuit that animates the body, mind and emotions. The chakra system is another energy-based modality. Chakras are power centres in the body, which are believed to accumulate and send energy into corresponding parts of the body as well as regulate overall balance in mind, body and spirit.

Hands-on energy healing techniques have existed in all cultures all over the world and are becoming increasingly popular in the West to help restore personal balance. Regardless of whether you look to modern biochemistry or ancient traditional models, you are an electrical, energy based being. What separates modern medicine from other energy based models, or therapeutic systems, is the belief that your energy field is important and that keeping it regulated will also help keep you feeling more positive and balanced.

Essence makers, and other energy-based, energy-healing therapies are sometimes labeled under the field of ‘vibrational medicine’. It’s important to be aware that you and everything in your world, whilst being ‘real’, also have an energetic component. Energy isn’t fixed, and as the signatures of your thoughts and feelings are also energetic, you are continually undergoing energetic interactions with yourself, others and your environments as you proceed throughout your day.

Essences utilise your ability to interact with vibrations for a helpful effect. By capturing specific, supportive energies or life forces, essences can spark a beneficial reaction when you take them. Certain energies are helpful for certain issues and feelings, so the trick is to match the right essence to any disharmony you may be experiencing. The idea is: the greater energetic alignment between your body, mind and spirit, the better you feel.

Modern scientific medicine works with energy fabulously in field of diagnostics, such as MRI scans, ECG scans and so forth. Therapeutically there are fewer applications to utilise it, although radiotherapy and TENS machines are some well-known examples. This isn’t surprising, however, as until the belief that an energy field is important to health becomes mainstream scientific thinking, new therapeutic means of working with energy are unlikely to be developed. At this time, therefore, helping wellbeing, thoughts or feelings using a gentle, energetic therapy such as essences, will remain an art rather than a science.
The most common way to take your essence is to open the bottle, place small 7 drops from the pipette inside the bottle under your tongue, and swallow. This is most easily done in front of a mirror. Alternatively - and especially for those who do not like the taste of brandy, or sweet-tasting glycerine - put 7 drops in a glass of water or a water bottle and sip.

Essences can also be administered by placing 7 drops on the crown of the head, into bath water prior to a soak, or into body cream prior to rubbing. Take your essence twice a day. Keeping your essence in a prominent place in the bathroom is a good way to remind yourself to take it.

Some remedies can also be taken throughout the day as you feel you need support. In these cases, consider keeping a bottle in your handbag, at work or in the car. We recommend you finish your bottle even if you feel better quickly.

It is important to note that finishing your bottle more quickly will not make the results appear more quickly. Essences work on your energy system. Sometimes the effects are immediate and other times take longer. The therapeutic effect comes from the interaction between the essence and your energy system. If you feel you need help urgently, always consult your healthcare practitioner or doctor.
Essences are easy to store- simply keep your essence out of direct sunlight, whether at home, work or in the car.
Don’t worry. Essences work on your energy field. If your system doesn’t need the essence, you simply won’t experience or feel anything. Sometimes, however, the effects of essences can be so subtle that you simply don’t notice the difference. Regardless, Heart2Shine essences are safe and non-toxic, so have confidence.
No. Heart2Shine essences are safe and non-toxic. They contain no active ingredient, as pharmaceutical or herbal medicines do. Therefore they cannot overload any organ or system in the body. However, some people do experience a ‘treatment effect’. For example, one lady recognised she needed to learn to speak up for herself more, so she took Honesty. A few days after starting, she found herself clearing her throat more often, and after a week even reported speaking louder.

This is a wonderful example of an essence working for that particular individual and producing a ‘treatment effect’. Working with your energy system is different from working with your physical body: sometimes when you work on one issue, another issue rises to the surface. In this case, continue taking your initial essence and consider supporting yourself by taking Fortitude, or select another essence to help you with the next level.
The essence itself will not; essences work on a different level from prescription pharmaceutical and herbal medicines. However, if your prescription medicine is contraindicated with alcohol, it is best to refer to your doctor or pharmacist before taking it.
As essences work on your energy field, this answer is unique to you at any particular time. Sometimes effects are seen quickly and other times slowly and a second bottle is needed. We are truly sorry that we cannot be specific! Being human, we do like to quantify who, what, where, when and how – and when working with physical matters this is a good thing. But the rules of working with your energy system are different.

Generally you will know it's working when you start to feel a change. Sometimes this change is dramatic. Fantastic! Continue to take your essence. Other times, the effects may seem subtle. You may feel a little more peaceful, more introspective or need to rest a little more. Sometimes you can feel inspired to finally do something or get help with something you have been putting off.

Remember: Heart2Shine essences are working on your subtle energy field, which includes your body, mind, emotions and spirit; as well as the balance between all of these. Sometimes it’s another person who comments on a change; somehow you look different or you behave differently.

Occasionally you may feel restless and maybe even temporarily uncomfortable with yourself. If this happens, don’t be alarmed. You are experiencing what is known as a ‘shift’ in energies within your system. If you find the shift too uncomfortable, we recommend taking Fortitude along with your current selection.

If you (or others) are noticing anything then the essence is working on some level of your system. Regardless of how you experience its effects, continue to take your essence until it’s finished. Know that together, you and your essence will reach the optimal balance that can be achieved at this time. Keep taking your essence until it’s finished, even if you begin to start another one. If you feel there’s still more work to do and you have seen some sort of effect, take another bottle of the same essence.

You might want to try using Heart2Shine Essence Images to see if another essence can be added to your course, or it may be obvious which one will work best at this time. One essence can lead beautifully into another. It’s not unusual for one level to become better harmonised, and another level to arise that needs harmonising too. This can happen in all forms of energy or vibrational medicine. We always suggest that you work to harmonise wherever you are now - the next stage will always make itself apparent.
Yes. Pregnancy, childbirth and adjusting to life with a baby, are all hugely significant times in a woman’s life. Using essences can bring a wonderful sense of calm and comfort and help you adjust to changes in your body and life during these times. Similarly they can help your husband or partner adjust too.
Heart2Shine brandy essences will last at least 18 months after purchase and when stored out of direct sunlight. Glycerine preserved Heart2Shine essences should be used within 3 months. We deliberately hand-pour our essences in small batches to ensure freshness and the very best vibrational remedy we can. We suggest that you begin taking your essence as it arrives. Some people like to buy several at one time.

Before you make your selection, try to have a clear idea of which one(s) you will be taking first. We also offer a Bespoke Essence Service that tailors a selection to your needs. It is not uncommon for either Zoe or Shirley to make a selection for an individual that lasts three months (depending on their needs).
Taken as directed (7 drops twice a day), one 30 ml bottle should last between 3-5 weeks depending on the strength of the squeeze you give the pipette. Where you feel you will benefit from taking an essence for a longer time or will use as needed throughout the day, we recommend you to purchase the 50ml bottle.
Our essences are made with distilled water and preserved in either a brandy or glycerine. Our brandy formula contains 8.4% alcohol. However as only 7 small drops of the formula are taken, it is very unlikely that will feel the effect of the alcohol. Putting it into context the average bottled beer is 5% alcohol and wine varies from 8-14% alcohol. So when you take 7 drops of our brandy formula, it is the alcohol equivalent of taking seven small drops of wine with 8% alchohol content. Our glycerine formula contains 0.1% alcohol, which is classified as “dealcoholised” in the UK and ‘alcohol free” in the US, at the time of writing. The alcohol content is detected from the original mother tincture in which the essence was created.
Yes, if used according to dosage instruction - seven small drops under the tongue or into water and sip.
If you are a recovering alcoholic, please discuss this issue with a healthcare practitioner and/or personal support team who are specially trained to help you in this area.

If you are underage or don't like alcohol, by putting seven small drops of our essence into a glass of water will dilute the overall alcohol content and taste or apply it to the crown of the head. If you are in doubt, please consult your healthcare practitioner or doctor.

Our glycerine formula is also a great alternative. If you choose to add your drops to water to make your alcohol-free drink, remember you will have to drink this amount twice: once in the morning and once in the evening.

If you choose to use your essence topically, please know that our glycerine formula can leave a tacky feel on the skin and finger.
All our formulas are available using glycerine as a preservative. Glycerine is made from a vegetable source. The glycerine we use is non-GMO and derived from vegetable oils. Glycerine is extensively in herbal preparations, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and some foods. Please note the glycerine formulas will have a slightly thicker consistency, and sweet taste.
Essences are a popular choice with parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who wish to help harmonise emotions in the children they love. We often suggest that the family (or at least the essence giver) also takes the same remedy at the same time.

Children can be especially sensitive to the energies of others without even realising it. For example, as the mother administers the essence to herself as well as her child, the mother comes into vibrational alignment with the remedy and so the child can ease into better alignment too. We are all energetic beings and whether we are conscious of it or not, we are always impacting the energy fields of others as theirs also impact ours.

To give your child their essence, mix it into a little water and perhaps even follow it with a treat. Choosing to take yours at the same time can turn the exercise into a positive, loving experience. Teaching children to look after themselves from an early age is important for many parents. Our glycerine formula is sweet tasting and contains 0.01% alcohol. Essences can also be added to bath water.
Like children, pets are also very sensitive to the energy of people and the home environment. As with children, we recommend the family (or whoever administers the essences) also takes the essence to help ease vibrational alignment for you and your pet. We recommend you to purchase the brandy formula for animals.

Generally dogs are easier to give essences to than cats. 7 drops can easily be added twice a day to a dog’s water dish; please re-fill the bowl with fresh water each time. If your dog refuses to drink their water, try adding drops to wet or dry food and mix through. Don’t worry if your dog doesn’t finish all of his water - if the essences have been successfully added, they will still work; animals don’t need all 7 drops. If your dog refuses to drink or eat when the essence is added to their water or food, follow our instructions for a cat.

We love cats and they always know when their owners are up to something! Once again, we recommend you take the essence that you wish to give to your cat. To administer an essence to a cat, place one drop of essence on your cat’s spine just where the spine finishes and the tail starts.

Horses are generally easier to give essences to. 7 essence drops can be added to water, dropped onto feed or put onto your hand and rubbed onto your horse directly. Once again it is best if you and your horse take the same essence at the same time. If you choose to rub the drops onto your horse, it is best to take your own drops first.

With all pets or animals, turning essence giving and taking into a loving ritual is always helpful. This isn’t always easy but it does pay to make your very best effort.
Your satisfaction and happiness is important to us. Helping your heart shine is the reason we exist! If you are in any way unhappy with our products or services, we want to know. Please email or call us and we will work to rectify any issue as soon as possible. If you feel you bought the wrong essence, please return it to us, unopened, within 7 days of purchase and with a copy of your receipt and we will gladly exchange or refund.

Please send any items you wish to return to us to: Heart2Shine, P.O. Box 274, Church Point, NSW 2105, Australia. We do not refund the cost of postage. Nor do we refund any Bespoke Essence blend unless life circumstances dramatically change between time of order and delivery. In this rare circumstance please email or call.
Yes. If you are currently taking another company’s essence, please continue. Essences from one range can usually be added to another range depending on your individual needs. On occasion Zoe herself has combined Heart2Shine essences with Australian Bush Flower essences, Alaskan Essences and New Millennium essences.
Flower essences are not evaluated as a category by either the TGA or FDA. In the UK essences currently fall under Food legislation. Please be aware that the information and products on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and these statements have not been evaluated by the TGA or FDA. Whilst flower essences will not interfere with other health programs, they must never replace professional medical care. When in doubt, always consult your medical practitioner before taking essences.