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Communicate with Animals

Animal Communication with Zoe Alexander and Shirley Cumming

Would you like to know how your pet is feeling?

Animals have thoughts and feelings and are far more aware of you (and life around you) than you might think! By offering a way to communicate with your pet, we provide a wonderful opportunity to better understand and meet your pet’s needs.

In order to ‘speak’ with your pet, Shirley or Zoe first meditate and then make a psychic connection with your animal. Once a connection is made a form of telepathic communication takes place where Shirley or Zoe will tell you what they're being told or are feeling from your animal. Like people, every animal is unique and communicates in their own way. Some are more talkative than others but all usually have a lot to say and a few requests- some can be very unexpected...

Zoe and Shirley know that all animals already communicate with their owners. During your session both will also teach you how spot the signs that your animal is communicating to you. This helps builds the loving bond between your and your beloved pet. 

Shirley and Zoe are both experienced animal communcators (pet psychic). They both love animals and regularly work with dogs and cats although every type of animal can be communicated with to a greater or lesser extent.

Animal Communication and Healing is offered by Shirley in Edinburgh UK and Zoe in Sydney Northern Beaches.  


"Zoe has a great ability to communicate with animals helping their owners to work with their animals and establish a greater and more rewarding bond.

Zoe helps you to understand your animal's needs and how your animal works i.e. how things happen in the animal world and the differences to their world versus our own. The relationship you have with your animal completely transforms from one of coexisting together to one of friendship, companionship and love as you come to understand and listen to your animal more."

Alex, 33, Australia

 "Zoe’s ability to communicate with animals has allowed our whole relationship with our dog, to transform. Our dog, Sadie, is a brown Kelpie, who is now 14 years old (98 dog years).

We now both feel much more aware of Sadie’s wants and needs and experience a deeper connection with her. She has been on kidney medication for over 18 months. Sadie ‘talks’ with Zoe when she visits, and these ‘communications’ definitely enhance the way we have been able to ‘communicate’ with Sadie. We are very grateful to Zoe for strengthening our loving relationship with our dog, Sadie.”

Ali, 48, Australia

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