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Bio-Energy Therapy


Bio-Energy Therapy with Zoe Alexander

Want to cleanse your energy, heal your aura or start an energy detox?

Bio-Energy Therapy (based on aura healing) is a dynamic form of energy healing that restores your energetic balance and flow. It removes energy blocks in your bio-field (or aura) using specific hand movements and gestures. 

It is a safe and effective form of energy medicine, targeting your own capacity for self-healing. During your treatment you will remain fully clothed, and will be standing, lying or sitting comfortably in a chair. Using specific hand techniques, Zoe can feel blockages in your energy field and work to clear them for you. There is no strange equipment or ritual; no oils or massage. Here, we work only with the energy surrounding your body. Most people find bio-energy treatment deeply relaxing.

To achieve optimal effect, four 45-minute sessions are recommended.

Bio-Energy Therapy is offered by Zoe Alexander in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Zoe Alexander is an energy healer in Australia and in these sessions works to cleanse your energy and promote energy detox. 

Zoe Alexander is an Advisor to the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine in the UK.


"I have no hesitation in saying that Zoe’s treatment changed my life for the better and I would gladly recommend her to anyone."

Richard, 60, UK
"I feel lighter and brighter after my sessions like the weight of the world has lifted. Thanks Zoe!"
Val, 31, Australia
"I didn't know what to expect from energy work with you Zoe. I certainly didn't expect what I got! Bio-energy therapy sessions were different from other healing I'd done. I think I expected to be deeply relaxed- instead I became super charged and ready for anything!"
Quincey, 24, Australia


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