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Animal Healing for Your Pet

Animal Healing with Shirley Cumming and Zoe Alexander

Are you looking for an animal healer to help your pet?

Did you know that animals can also benefit from alternative medicine such as energy healing and forms of energy medicine including Reiki and Bio-Energy Therapy and Flower Essences?

Just like humans, your dog, cat or pet could also benefit from the therapeutic flow of healing energy than animal healing provides.

If you would like to kick start your loved animals energy system and help them boost their overall well being, contact us.

Animals, like children, respond well to energy medicine, usually relaxing as the energy begings to flow through them.  When they’ve had enough they let you know by simply moving away.

Prior to any visit for healing, it’s important to know that you are expected to inform your vet by law. 

Shirley and Zoe are life long animal lovers and regularly work with dogs and cats, although every type of animal can be helped by energy healing. Heart2Shine's flower essences can also be used to help support your pet. During your pets session both Shirley and Zoe can let you know if a flower essence may help and arrange delivery if you choose to proceed. To read more click here.

Animal Healing, as well as animal communication, is offered by Shirley Cumming in Edinburgh, UK and Zoe Alexander in Sydney, Northern Beaches. 


"Zoe's love and delight when work with animals is evident. Her approach is soft and gentle whilst also being respectful and loving towards your animal. I would highly recommend you utilise Zoe's services if you have any inkling to know how your animal is, how they are feeling, if there is something you can do better or if you want to just check they are okay and happy!" 

Alex, 33, Australia

"Our dog, Sadie, is a brown Kelpie, who is now 14 years old (98 dog years). We now both feel much more aware of Sadie’s wants and needs and experience a deeper connection with her. She has been on kidney medication for over 18 months.  Recently we took Sadie to the vet for a check-up. He can’t believe she is so well. He has never had a dog on this kidney medication that has lived so long. She is his number one case!  He said “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!" We are very grateful to Zoe for strengthening our loving relationship with our dog, Sadie.” 

Ali, 48, Australia