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About Our Flower Essences


Each handcrafted Heart2Shine flower essence is designed to do one thing: help your heart shine.

Uplifting, positive and helpful vibration energy from flowers, geographies, and spiritual forces, is lovingly captured and held within each bottle. These vibrations, or ‘essences’, work to restore wellbeing and provide a sense of emotional support through life’s ups, downs and in-betweens. Commonly reached for during times of emotional difficulty, they also help support you as you learn to live through uncomfortable personal growth, and times of spiritual transformation.

Each unique essence in the Heart2Shine range is carefully made by Zoe Alexander together with nature with the sole intention to help you feel better, live better and savour your life.

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How Do Flower Essences Work?

Every Heart2Shine flower essence contains positive, helpful vibrations for natural healing. These vibrations or ‘essences’ positively interact with your body’s natural energy system, to help restore balance, vitality and flow. When your body’s energy system is free-flowing, vital and balanced, you feel good.

Heart2Shine vibrational essences work on a deep level, helping to facilitate positive changes from within. Sometimes results are dramatic and immediate; sometimes subtle. Some essences take time and work gradually - you may not notice straightaway. Some people are more sensitive to their own energy system and feelings than others. Those that are, usually experience the sense of a ‘shift’ immediately. Positive effects, however, are not determined by personal sensitivity.

Heart2Shine vibrational essences work on your energy system directly. This means they work on a different level to pharmaceuticals or herbal remedies, allowing you to safely add them to your current health or wellbeing regimen. Simple, safe, and easy to take, they make a great ‘feel better’ option for you, your family and even your beloved pet.

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How Do I Take My Flower Essence?

Each Heart2Shine essence comes in a 30ml or 50ml bottle. To take your vibrational essence, use the pipette to place seven small, individual droplets under your tongue, or into a glass of drinking water, and sip or swallow. Alternative ways to take your essences can be found on our Essence FAQs page. Several essences can be used at once, with only a few exceptions - you can read about these in the About section of each essence.

Generally we do not recommend taking any more than 3 or 4 at any one time. Whilst it’s natural to want to feel good in as short as time as possible, essences can only help you at the pace that is right for your energy system. Sometimes that is fast and sometimes that is slow.

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How Do Essences Taste?

It’s good to know that the taste of your essence is determined by the preserving solution that holds the healing frequencies in place. We offer two options: a traditional brandy and water solution, and a vegetable-based, non-GMO glycerine and water solution with less than 0.1% alcohol content. You select your preferred size and natural preservative as you purchase. Specific details for each essence can be found in our Essence Product Range.

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How Long Is A Course?

If you are taking a vibrational essence for the first time, we recommend you take it as a course. One course consists of 7 drops taken twice a day, for approximately 28 days. This is the equivalent of one of our 30ml bottles. For help with longer term, deeper issues, please consider our 50ml option and taking a longer course.

After a course is completed, a dose of the essence can be taken as needed: 7 drops as your circumstances dictate, such as Honesty essence prior to an important conversation.

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